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    Nearly 2,000 YFU students come to the U.S. each year from 50 countries. As a YFU exchange student, you'll go to high school, become a member of a caring host family, and learn about the United States as a resident, not a tourist.

    If living in the United States for a year or semester and learning about a totally different culture sounds like your kind of challenge, then it's time to go abroad with YFU. You will attend school where you will make friends and learn what life is like for teenagers in the USA. Everywhere you go and everything you do, you'll learn - from your host family, family, friends, and teachers; from shopkeepers, bank tellers, and bus drivers.

    You'll live with a carefully-selected host family who has volunteered to open their home and their hearts to you, providing you room, board, and a caring home. As an exchange student to the United States you will learn about family life, schools, and religion in the U.S. You will learn how family members relate to one another and about their daily schedules. At school you will learn not only academic subjects such as English, history, science, and math, but you will learn about teenage social life, friendship, and extracurricular activities.


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