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Application Process

Download and print the Student Enquiry Form, answer the essay question, and provide a copy of your 10th standard board results. If you have not yet taken the 10th boards, in addition please download, print, complete, and return to us an academic evaluation from your school (form available here). Please courier all documents to YFU India, New Delhi (click here for contact information). YFU will evaluate your essay and board/evaluation results, and notify you by letter of their decision. Please note that not all candidates will be accepted.

Forms (in .PDF file format)

Student Enquiry Form

Teacher Evaluation Form

(additionally required only if student applicant has not yet received 10th standard board results)

If you are selected, YFU India will send you an application to complete. Please do so and courier the application to YFU India (click here for contact information).

YFU will then schedule an interview with you, and the decision maker in your family.

The results of your interview, combined with evaluations of your original essay, will then be forwarded to a selection committee. The committee’s decision is final. You will be notified of the results, by letter.

You will then be asked to accept or reject the offer within ten business days of receiving the letter.

If you decide to participate in the program, you will be required to send a draft for half the cost of the program fee. The balance of the fee will come due at your pre-departure orientation.

Cancellation Policy

For each student cancellation, two months prior to flight date, a fee equal to any airline penalties, receiving country cancellation costs, and YFU India administrative costs, will be the responsibility of the applicant’s family. This amount should not exceed 25% of the program cost. The balance of the money will be refunded in full. In keeping with custom, YFU India will only invoice for the direct costs incurred.

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Switzerland 72.7
EU 79.3
United Kingdom 92.6
Hong Kong 9.16
Japan 0.651
United States 71.3
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