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Why a YFU Exchange Experience?

There are many benefits of studying abroad on a YFU exchange program.

Learning first hand:

Living, learning, and immersing yourself in another culture will broaden your perspective and give you a competitive edge in this interdependent world. Experiencing a totally new culture, making new friends and doing new things, enjoying different food, playing different sports, hearing different music, exploring new places… you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and insights about other people and other countries that will prepare you for an international career.

Opportunities for the Future:

Your exchange experience will provide you with many benefits as you move on from education to career. Your openness, ability to deal well in different situations, and your knowledge of all kinds of people will give you an edge in any career. Whether your career involves international travel or interacting in multicultural environment, your exchange experience will provide you an excellent foundation.

Increased Maturity:

Whether it’s tolerance, openness to new people and experiences, or increased independence and responsibility, you, your family and friends will find that you will change in many positive ways while you are on exchange.

Second language fluency:

Spending time in a country where another language is spoken will give you a fluency that you would not get in years of study. Educators believe that the best way to learn a language is to use it, and you will be certainly doing that in your exchange program.

Lifelong friendships:

The exchange experience is likely to provide you with friendships that last forever. Whether its people you meet at school, your fellow
exchange students, or members of your host family, you’ll make relations that will remain strong and active for years to come!

Home away from home:

You will be part of this adventure while living with a family that cares for you just like their own son or daughter. Each student stays with a host family, learning to appreciate a new way of living as no tourist ever could. Being a member of a host family in a foreign country is the most intensive way of absorbing a new culture through participation in everyday life.

Deeper understanding of your own culture:

Living abroad will offer you an objective view of your own country that will help you to participate in and appreciate more consciously your own country. Being an exchange student just doesn’t mean understanding the foreign culture but one’s own culture as well.

In His Words


In 2007, Manas Gautam stayed in Japan as a YFU India exchange student.

“My experience in Japan, if put in a nutshell, was simply fantastic. From the food to playing Shogi (Japanese Chess), there was always something new and enjoyable to do.

Moreover, I discovered that there’s more to Japan than manga, anime and Kurusawa movies and all the other stereotypes. I formed a very strong bond with my host family, and without their love and support my trip would not have been anywhere near as memorable.

Although communicating in Japanese did prove to be a problem at times (make that, many a time), the Japanese took care of it by their ever-friendly nature and I felt right at home.

In the end, I would like to thank YFU for providing me with the opportunity to explore and know more about Japan and I do hope that everyone’s experience proves to be as stupendous as

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