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Host Families | What is Expected?

Host families have the exciting opportunity to welcome into their lives a young person from another culture. The extent of interaction between family and student are too numerous to count, but host families should expect to perform many, if not all, of the following roles:

  • Welcome your host daughter/son as a member of the family and assist in his/her adaptation to the family as well as to Indian life and culture.
  • Provide your host daughter/son a bed, study area and three meals a day.
  • Help with the necessary transportation of your host daughter/son, by driving him/her, or by providing access to a bicycle, a bus, through rides with friends, etc.
  • Include your host daughter/son in all family social activities, and holidays.
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  • Help your host daughter/son meet other Indians through introductions to friends, neighbors and classmates, and by encouraging him/her to join clubs or pursue activities.
  • Help your host daughter/son become familiar with the community and its resources (e.g., interesting sights, locations and type of recreation facilities, location and layout of school building, shopping areas).
  • Neither allow nor encourage your host daughter/son to violate YFU policies, or the law, and immediately report any such violation to the YFU counselor.
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  • Facilitate the attendance of your host daughter/son at YFU-required orientation programs.
  • Expect contact on a monthly basis from the YFU counselor.
  • Work with your host daughter/son to solve problems. And to resolve difficulties and misunderstanding. If they remain unresolved, contact the YFU counselor. Also contact the counselor if issues arise in your family and/or student’s adjustment in the student’s, school performances, or if your family must withdraw form the program at any point after a student placement is confirmed with us.
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