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YFU India relies in great part on the contributions of individuals and organizations interested in promoting the international youth exchange experience. To join our efforts, please feel free to contribute using PayPal, YFU India’s preferred online payment mechanism, by clicking the logo to the right.

YFU India has been certified, in India, as a Non-Profit Organization under the Income Tax Act, 1961, and is in full compliance with the – 12A(b)/12A(c) u/s 80 G (5)(iv) – conditions of that Act.

To contribute to YFU India, just click the logo above.

Exemption Number: DIT (E) 2007 – 2008/ Y – 110/1026

Issue Date: 01/01/2007

Expiry Date: 31/03/2010 is also valid from 01/04/2010 onwards until it is rescinded.

FCRA Number: 231661321R

All donations to YFU India, from Individuals, Corporations, Foundations, or any other legal entity, that are subject to the 1961 Income Tax Act, will receive a tax credit, of 50 percent, of the amount donated.

If you have any questions about contributing to YFU India, please feel free to contact us in writing, telephone us, fill out our online contact form, or send an e-mail to “info [at] yfuindia.org”.

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Australia 49.6
Switzerland 72.7
EU 79.3
United Kingdom 92.6
Hong Kong 9.16
Japan 0.651
United States 71.3
27 Dec 19


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