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Youth for Understanding (YFU) India is part of a worldwide movement of committed individuals and organizations working together to prepare young people for their responsibilities and challenges in a fast changing world. YFU aspires to excellence in the field of youth exchange. Worldwide, we seek to set the standard for quality service and support to all of our participants. YFU offers young people in dozens of countries the adventure of a lifetime: the opportunity to explore other nations and cultures, master new languages, and discover themselves.

To achieve these significant educational goals, we provide young people between the ages of 15 to 18 a variety of intensive exchange opportunities. Young enough to fully adjust to a new country and culture, yet old enough to benefit from their experiences, our students reap the rewards of host family and community life. We believe that this full cultural immersion is the most effective means of international education. Out of this comes personal growth and openness to new ideas and attitudes, as well as a deeper awareness of the common interest in the future and of shared human values. Respect for human diversity is fostered and relationships transcending social and cultural barriers are nurtured. The effect is to reduce prejudice, moderate conflict, and reinforce cooperation among peoples.


Mr. Raj Kumar
Chairman, YFU India

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