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International Youth Exchange

Core Values and Beliefs

Peaceful and inclusive conflict-solution: Problem-solving and conflict-solution should be built on the mutual understanding of all the various value systems, interests and approaches involved, not on the aggressive promotion of the concepts of one’s own group, nation or culture. YFU solves problems through a dynamic, mutually respectful process of consensus.

Respect for diversity: Differences in ethnicity, ideology, values, gender, race, religion, language, and personality should be appreciated and accepted, rather than ridiculed or rejected. YFU strives to engage a growing base of participants inclusive of that diversity.

YFU student and host sister near the Harmandir Sahib, or the “Golden Temple”, in Amritsar, India.

Responsibility: Individuals should exercise knowledgeable, responsible choice in the interest of the greater good, rather than to remain passive, ignorant or self-centered.

Immersion in a culture as a path to peace and personal development: YFU is founded on the belief that immersion in another culture contributes substantially to the development of a more peaceful and just world as well as to the personal development of individual participants.

Life-long learning: As an educational organization, YFU seeks to install passion for life-long learning and encourages alumni to use their skills and knowledge to thrive and contribute amongst cultural diversity.

Volunteerism: YFU believes in the special value of volunteer contributions. Intercultural learning and the development of personal relationships are enhanced when it is clear to participants that commitment to YFU’s goals—not compensation or other extrinsic reasons—motivates host families and other volunteers. In addition, the personal growth of volunteers and the social contribution they make are an expression of YFU’s deep belief in life-long learning and civic responsibility.

International Cooperation: Working within an international network of autonomous, interdependent and equal partners of YFU organizations, YFU believes that all international problem solving is best based on full and open international cooperation. It is through this cooperation that YFU strives to model cross-cultural skills, international understanding, and mutual respect.

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United States 71.3
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