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What are the volunteer positions with YFU India?

There are many ways volunteers accomplish YFU goals. The most common job is recruiting host families and supporting those families and international students throughout the students’ stay in India. These volunteers are called International Student Area Representatives. Other volunteers recruit Indian students to go overseas, conduct orientations for families and students, and promote YFU programs in their communities. There are also volunteers who specialize in working with and finding alumni. These volunteers are called Alumni Coordinators.

Are there descriptions available of the volunteer positions?
Yes. These descriptions help match volunteer needs, interests, and skills with the specific needs of the organization. They specify volunteer’s duties and the system supervision.

1. Area Coordinators (AC)
Provides leadership and supervision for volunteers within a designated geographic area. They recruit volunteers and act as liaison with the General Manager.

2. International Student Area Representatives (AR)
Recruits two qualified host families and place international students with those families. They monitor, advise and support these students and host families throughout the program. They also develop and maintain positive working relationships with local schools.

3. Indian Overseas (IO) Volunteers
Recruits, interviews and supports Indian students. Excellent school relations are essential for the position. IO volunteers may also work with the Orientation coordinator to assure that orientation programs are presented to Indian students and their families.

4. Administrative Volunteers
Support the administrative activities in the national office to more effectively provide services to other volunteers, students, and families.

What are the qualifications of YFU volunteers?
Volunteers need enthusiasm for the international exchange experience, maturity, judgment, and flexibility. In addition, volunteers should possess the ability to work with adults and teens in a positive way, and a willingness to learn and carry out YFU policies and procedures. Volunteers use skills in active listening, problem solving, and organization. A lively sense of humor is also a great asset!

How are volunteers organized, supervised, and supported?
Each YFU region has a local volunteer Area Coordinator (AC) who provides leadership and  supervision for volunteers in that area. Area coordinators are supervised and managed by the general manager.

What is expected of a volunteer?
You are the YFU representative in your community, and in cost cases, the primary contact for your students, host families, and schools. To help you carry out responsibilities you will receive orientation and training to familiarize you with YFU programs, policies, and procedures. You will be invited to regular in-service training programs in order to gain special skills in areas such as cross-cultural understanding, interviewing, counseling, and program promotion. You are encouraged to ask for assistance and advice from your area coordinator, as needed.

What do volunteers receive?
As a YFU volunteer, you receive the following:

  • A position description
  • An initial orientation, training, and resource materials
  • On-going skill training
  • Regular information about YFU
  • Access to a supervisor for advice and support
  • Reimbursement of specified out-of-pocket expenses, and
  • Self–satisfaction and enjoyment by working with students from various cultures, host families, and other volunteers.

How is a volunteer performance evaluated?
Your area coordinator works with you to establish goals and monitor your progress. If requested, YFU India will provide you with the documentation of your volunteer activities and responsibilities.

Are volunteers reimbursed for expenses?
YFU India will reimburse for certain volunteer expenses. These include mileage beyond 15km of home, long distance telephone charges and postage. Any other large YFU-related business expenses must be pre-approved by the Area Coordinator/General Manager. YFU India does not reimburse for student’s meals. If there is a question about expenses being reimbursed, check with your area coordinator. Many volunteers choose to list their YFU expenses as an income tax deduction instead of filling for reimbursement. Instructions about how to do this can be obtained from the district office. To receive reimbursement, you must submit expenses within 30 days. Request received after that time will not be honored.

What are other channels of communication at YFU India?
Regular up-to-date information is shared on the web, by e-mail, area meetings and training events.

Are there opportunities to meet other volunteers who do the same job?
You will have the opportunity to share ideas and success stories with your colleagues at area meetings, with group e-mails, at training workshops, and other YFU activities (e.g., student/host family orientations).

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